Court Documents Filing

The Courthouse and most things now use electronic forms of transactions and filings. A couple of years ago, most lawyers in most counties in Texas have mandatory electronic filing requirements that reduce the amount of paper documents being processed by the Court that also saves the government time and money. Lawyers and law firms can file documents from any computer from anywhere in the world. This is a very easy and convenient way to file the documents, pleadings, forms, and/or motions needed in any type of case, without going to the Courthouse, paying for parking, going through medal detectors, and waiting in line for someone to call your number in order for you to file your documents.

These services are not offered to individuals handling their own legal matters, UNTIL NOW. We at Quick Legal are now offering filing services to anybody handling their own legal matter. Using Quick Legal's filing services, you can fill out the form on this site, we will research the filing fees, if any, that are associated with the document that you intend to file. All you have to do is pay the filing fees, if any, and attach your documents and Quick Legal will file your documents for you. We will do this for you for only $5.00 per document. For the price that some pay for parking, you can have all documents filed electronically for you. Once the documents, motions, orders and other things that you would like to file are accepted by the court that you have filed the document in, we will send you proof of filing so that you know that your documents are filed. THIS SERVICE IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL WHO WOULD LIKE TO ELECTRONICALLY FILE YOUR DOCUMENTS, WHETHER OR NOT YOU PURCHASED DOCUMENTS FROM QUICK LEGAL. We are able to electronically file documents in all Courts and counties that accept electronic filings.

If you have any legal document that needs to be filed, please use the convenient service offered by QUICK LEGAL instead of taking the time and expense of doing it yourself.

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Secretary of State Filing

We also file documents with the Secretary of the State of Texas. We are able to electronically file Certificates of Formation for Limited Liability Companies, Profit Corporations, Non-Profit Corporations. We only charge $5.00 per document, certificate, and only other document that you choose to file with the Secretary of the State of Texas. We can take all of the guess work away from you, with our efficient and professional filings services. If you are thinking about forming a business entity, have one and need to file an amendment or other supplemental filings with the Secretary of State, please consider using our services.

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