How to calculate child support

ACCORDING TO THE LAW, there is a formula to calculate child support. Although you can agree on any amount, as long as it is in the best interest of the child, (or an amount that the court will allow) child support should be based on the formula mentioned in the Texas Family Code section 154, that discusses child support. Generally speaking child support is based on the number of children you and your spouse have and the amount of money your spouse makes. The percentage starts at 20% and increases by 5% for every additional child. Also note that the support can't equal more than half a person's net resources. We suggest that you Review this link for the table for net resources:

IE - assume the person paying child support makes $2,500.00 per month and he and his spouse have two children. According to the table the net resources is $2,101.77. You then multiple the net resources and the .25 to determine the amount of child support a person is entitled to. IN this scenario, the child support due is $525.44 per month.

Also the law requires that your decree has a step down, if you have more than one Child. Unless the children were born on the same day, when the oldest turned 18 years of age or otherwise emancipates, the child support should reflect the percentage for one child. Using the same example above, when the oldest child turns 18, the support decreases by 5% to 20% of net resources making the support $420.35 per month.

We hope that this helps you to calculate the amount of the support due. Always remember that you may agree on a reasonable amount.