Forming Your Business Overview

Although you have made the important decision to start a business, you must think about protecting your personal assets obtained because of your business ventures and your hard work. Using the products developed by Quick Legal, LLC, you can create a business entity in minutes, for you to operate your business without fear that your personal wealth can be attacked in this very sue happy legal environment. With Quick Legal's products, you will be able create the following legal entities:

Limited Liability Companies (LLC's)

Corporations (Under Construction)

Partnerships (Under Construction)

In addition to offering the ability for you to create your desired business entity at minimum costs, we also offer registered agent services. According to the law in Texas and most states in America, a business entity must identify a registered agent of service in that State. A registered agent of service, is either a person or entity that is authorized to accept service of legal documents and notices, in the event that your company is sued or the State or other government entities needs to send you important notices. The benefit of using Quick Legal as your registered agent of service is that our company was founded by an attorney with over 17 years of litigation experience. Because of that experience, we will know exactly what to do with any legal notices, papers, and/or documents or other important information that is received on your behalf. Once received, we will forward anything received to the person in your company authorized by you to receive communications from you. This is a way to make sure that you nor your Company is liable for any claims that you didn't have the opportunity to respond to. Every year, a large number of small businesses are crippled because of default judgements that resulted from neglect or receipt of legal documents that were served to personal registered agents of service, who didn't know what to do with them.

Our service will ensure that you always receive any important documents forwarded to us on your behalf.

Please review our products, to determine if we can help you and your business formation objective(s).

Prior to purchasing the products, please look at the requirements/or information that you need to have in your possession prior to purchasing the products offered by this site. You will be pleased by the documents that you create, and we look forward to serving you in the future.