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A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business entity that can be formed by one or more persons and or business entities. Operating your business as an LLC, provides you with multiple benefits that will protect you and your family from obligations and liabilities created while running your business. There are a number of advantages to creating an LLC for your business, some are listed below:

1.- Name Protection.

To create or form an LLC, you must register or file a certificate of formation with the Secretary of State. Prior to approving your LLC., the Secretary of State will make sure that the name of your company is not similar to others that are currently in existence. This formality will make your LLC unique and easier to brand. Also the State will not allow other Companies seeking formation to have a name that is similar to the one in which that State has approved for your Company.

2.- Tax Advantages.

Forming a LLC in Texas also can provide you with tax benefits. Operating costs, business expenses, salaries, equipment depreciation, can be deducted from the Gross revenues of the Company. The owners can choose the way the business is taxed.

3.- Protection of Personal Assets (Most Popular Reason).

The owners (members) of an LLC are protected from liabilities or obligations incurred by the LLC. If an individual or another business entity files a lawsuit, or a creditor files a claim against the LLC, the personal assets of the owners ( Members) cannot be touched as a result of the operations of the LLC or liabilities of the Company. This is very important in this very litigious society. Protect yourself, your family, and your assets by using Quick Legal's products today.

These are just some of the advantages of forming an LLC. Forming an LLC with Quick Legal, LLC. is quick, easy, and can be done in ten minutes. We are currently developing a product that will also allow you to create an operating agreement, for the Company you have created, in the event that you need one to govern the operations of your LLC.

Prior to purchasing this product, below is a suggested checklist of information that you should have:

1.- Name or proposed Name of the Business.

2.- For each Member (Owner) of the limited liability company member, you should have the following information:

a) Full legal name.
b) Title, if officer.
c) Social Security number.
d) Residential street address.
e) Telephone number.
f) Percentage of business owned.

If a member is a corporation, LLC, or other business entity, you should have the following information:

g) Name of the business or entity
h) The EIN number.
i) The address of the principal place of business.
j) Names and addresses of the decision makers of that entity, (Board Members, if it is a Corporations, Members, if LLC)
k) We would also suggest that you do some background on the individuals who are the decision makers of the entity that will become a member of your Company.

PLEASE NOTE, the information listed above is only suggestions or a checklist of information that you should have prior to forming your business. The system will inform you of the specific information that is needed in order to complete the requested certificate of formation.

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