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Information about Powers of Attorney in Texas

A POWER OF ATTORNEY IS A DOCUMENT OR WRITTEN INSTRUMENT THAT DESIGNATES ANOTHER PERSON AS HIS OR HER AGENT to handle a wide variety of matters, for example purchasing real estate for a person, handlings their finances, or any other matter has that person sees fit. People usually request that someone acts on their behalf if they are going to prison, or going out of town or the country. There are many reasons that a person would designate another person as his or hers agent, but in order to do some properly, the instrument must follow the requirements of Texas Law.

The form produced on this site, complies with Texas law and will be able to produce a written instrument that will authorize you to complete your objectives. If you follow the instructions and completely execute this document, it will be accepted in ANY forum in which it is needed. PLEASE NOTE- The once you complete the Power of Attorney, note that it must be notarized. Also note that the person giving the authority, must have the mental capacity to understand the consequences of signing the power of attorney.